Sherita Traywick

For New York State Senate - 56th. District

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Our Mission

        Sherita Traywick is an advocate for equity in education, providing connections to resources and ensuring others have access to a better quality of life. Traywick has firsthand experience working for the NYS Legislature as a Legislative Aide to Former State Senator Richard Dollinger.
        Running in this election speaks to her experience and the continued service to the people of the 56th District as an Elected Member of the Greece Central Board of Education.
        Traywick attained a Bachelor's Degree in Sociology/Criminology and a Juris Doctor from Quinnipiac University School of Law. She currently teaches Criminal Justice at RIT and is Executive Director of Young & Gifted, Inc. a non-profit organization dedicated to mentoring youth, and connecting families to much needed resources in the community.
        Friends, never has it been more important to elect a person who can represent our voice and will act in our best interest. Vote Traywick 2020

Our Platform

Our Platform

It's Time For Change

Criminal Justice Reform

We need to continue to look at ways to decrease the mass incarceration of those economically disadvantaged and the disparate effects on minorities. We need to look at more diversionary programs and expansion of drug and mental health courts to end our practice of mass incarceration in NYS for lower level offenses.


Each child should receive access to a quality education, and we will fight for resources in and outside the classroom so our children can succeed. We are also strong advocates for teacher wellness.


Many of our Seniors are struggling to pay higher prescription drug costs under our current healthcare system. This forces them to choose between purchasing their medicine or their daily needs... like food

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